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October 8,2006



Hello All,

What a glorious day here in Upstate NY! It is literally a picture perfect day! The temperatures are rather mild.


Physically, all in all , it's been a good week. I've had more energy. I've been doing that fall baking that I mentioned a few posts back. Made Past Fagioli yesterday and pumpkin gems (boxed) for my nephew's 16th birthday party this evening. I do have a hard time falling asleep, but when I do, I do not hear a thing! I am still very stiff and sore, but you know what? I am just grateful for the energy and the weather outside!!!!


One less stress is, my daughter is finally getting a roommate in her dorm. She was here yesterday feeling pretty lonely at the dorm, but once again the Lord answered our prayers, She called last night and said that she spoke on Facebook to her new roommate and that she seems very nice and they even have a couple of mutual aquaintances and friends!!! Yay! :D


Got to go, maybe I can catch a nap.... :D


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