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My first entry



I wish I would have made this blog before my surgery so that I could have tracked progress. Well it has been 4 weeks and 3 days since my surgery. I can't believe how fast it has went by! I remember right after my surgery I felt like it was never going to get better, and it felt like it was going by so slow. My nose was the worst, my surgeon also fixed my deviated septum "while he was in there" LOL and they packed my nose soooo much right after and then when I got home it was horrible At the advice from the angels on these boards I used the breathe right strips, and that made it a little easier. I am currently on 15 of Cortef, and am feeling pretty good. I don't want to get too excited, or say the "c" word yet :ph34r:


Alot of little things are better. The weight is still here, I think I even gained a few more pounds, but my clothes fit better, and my tummy is way less bloated. I weigh 199 today. I lost a whole bunch of weight after surgery which was water, and then I was off the Cortef altogether for 3 days and then on 5 for a week and a half and was losing 2 pounds a day. I started to feel yucky, and my blood pressure dropped and so at the advice of the smart people here I decided I should take more and wean slower. So I am thinking my weight is because of the Cortef. I have to try to be more patient. So here is the things that are changing!


1.) Depression is GONEEE!!!! :D


2.) Anxiety is lessened


3.) Funky odor is gone


4.) Big painful pimple thingies on my jawline are gone


5.) Brain fog is gone, I can comprehend what I am reading the first time.


6.) Horriss my buffalo hump is disapearing


7.) My libido is BacK, and with a vengence LOL :)


8.) Energy level is higher


9.) Tummy is not as bloated.




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