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My sister told me she found out she has breast cancer a few days ago, and I was the first phone call she made. I was devastated. She is my big sissy. She also has a pituitary tumor, rare yes I know. Hers thank God was only prolactin, and is treated with a weekly pill. I live in California and she lives in Texas, and I flew to see her in May and while I was there she had a mamogram that came out clear, so her cancer is very early. She says that is a good thing. I have only had bad experiences when the word cancer is involved. My Aunt Carleen died 2 years ago Jan 12th, of stomach cancer, they told her on xmas eve that she had 6 months to live...she died 2 weeks later. I miss her so much. My Grandpa died of throat cancer, grandma of skin cancer, my mom beat ovarian and now my sister...breast cancer. So many horrible diseases. And mine...Cushing's. When most have cancer it is cut and dry...your options are clear. Cushing's have to fight. We just seem fat and lazy where they seem like victims. SO ARE WE. Not to mention that heart disease is the #1 killer of women...UGH Another aunt of mine died of heart disease way too young. Instead of funding all these terrorism efforts....we should be finding out why we are all dying HERE. UGH I know this isnt the place for me to rant about that so I will stop.


I felt great today, I am on 15 mg Cortef...for a few days now, and since have lost 3 pounds, in 3 days. I had a pretty okay day, my mind had alot of energy today but my body only could handle 1/2 hahaah but even that was nice. Tomorrow is my MRI, oddly enough I am not too worried about it. Dunno why


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