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Need A Hammer knocking me over my head!

sick of being sick


It is 4:32 in the morning I am losing so much sleep over the last three days I couldn't have slept more then four hours a day and I can't seem to go to bed before five in the morning it is driving me crazy. I would love to sleep. Especially tonight or today what ever it is because my hubby doesn't work tomorrow and it would be nice to wake up to him next to me instead of him waking me up going lets go at 5:45 in the morning. Today I get to sleep in if my body will let me. I am making myself do something tomorrow no matter what it takes I am going to go walking. I know I am always tierd but no matter what is wrong with me I will not let it win. From today on (if I still have this attitude later) I am going to start to be strong and do no matter what level of energy I have. (now tomorrow when I'm dead tierd I won't be saying this, tomorrow when I'm out of breath from walking to the bathroom and back I won't even remember writing this, but hey who cares. It sounds good) I already do actually have to make muffins tomorrow I promised my busband along with the other million things I promised I will clean and get to no matter what I will try although I have a psyhic feeling I want get much done if anything especially since I can't see. Seeing as I have no contact and I need to make an appointment. Well okay I am going to go attempt to go to bed this day has been long and unforgiving and I really am exhausted. ( hmmmm. she thinks can I even make it to the bed with out passing out from exhaustion okay where is the inhaler for just in case .) Hmmm oaky here I go good night all. :):D:):D


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