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Great News!



I am sooooo excited! My brother, whom I previously mentioned in an entry, is definitely coming with my sister-in-law to look at homes in the area. They'll be flying in on May 26th! PSYCHE!


No news from the insurance company. That REALLY ticks me off! But I do believe that the Lord has His own time, and it does not often go with our time frame. After reading about Monica and her success, although as difficult as it was, it is encouraging to the rest of us who are in limbo. No, not the party game! :( I am hoping that someone else will be coming out for testing on 4/9 as well. It would be nice to actually MEET someone from the boards. My husband will be coming with me.


Feeling kind of poopy the past couple of days. I just can't pin point it. I do feel as though I must be cycling rather quickly. So quickly I feel as though my head is spinning. LITERALLY! And no, not like Linda Blair...well maybe sometimes... Feeling wired, only slept between 3 1/2-4 hrs last night. Very uncomfortable, body aches and pain, neck, shoulders, hump, HIP pain, BIG TIME! I've lost 5 lbs in a day and a half, doing nothing different. My straie goes from pink to deep purple, then back. My face goes from deep red/purple to just plain red. Today at Walmart I had to take my coat off while shopping but then when it was time to leave I didn't even bother zipping it up. Mind you, with the windchill it only feels like 5 degrees. WHEW!!! My body is getting a work out. Guess I'll go and blog again when I feel like it.


Take care and God bless!


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