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My story 11th May 07



Hi i am new to this but i think to help maintain my sanity i am going to start a sort of diary on how i am feeling and whats happening with treatment.


Well here goes with the background information:


I am a 22year old girl. I have been very ill for the last 3-4years. It all started with a large hump that appeared on my neck. At the same time it was discovered that i had osteoporosis in one of my arms and inflammatory arthritis. I commenced treatment for the arthritis and started seeing a rheumatologist.


Since then i have been getting iller and iller. I am constantly tired with no energy to do anything. Every single part of me hurts. I am constantly ill with colds, flu and other infections. My weight has increased by about 3-4stone in the last 2years despite being on a low calorie diet. I have awful purple stretch marks that have suddenly appeared on my stomach, thighs and arms. They are a bright purple and get worse daily. I suffer with constant thirst and despite the constant exhaustedness am unable to sleep until late at night. I bruise incredibly easy and the slightest touch leaves marks on my skin.


These are just to name a few of my symptons, its getting me very depressed and i have been so close to needing to give up my nursing study because of it.


I was given a 24- hour urine test 2years ago after scans of my hump pointed to increased cortisol. The results were over 200 which my doctor said was normal (despite looking and seeing the normal ranges to be 50-100). Since then my symptons have just been put down to the arthritis. I saw my doctor again on the 26th April where i broke down as all the symptons were getting too much for me. He decided he felt it was definatly cushings and has referred me to see an endo urgently (my appointment is for the 22nd may which is incredibly quick in the UK).


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