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Sat 12th May



Well i couldnt sleep until about 3am again last night. Then woke up at 6am feeling awful with headache, achy muscles and joints, feeling dehydrated and my cold still keeping my sinuses blocked. Drank a pint of water and managed to fall back into a fitful sleep. Eventually managed to drag myself out of bed at about midday, feeling as though i had been awake all night. Head ache was still throbbing and felt generally awful so remained in bed doing nothing, until about 1pm when managed to get into the shower. By the time i had finished showering i felt as though i had run a marathon, i was just so worn out could not even bring myself to dry myself and just collapsed on my bed to lay down until i recovered. I hate feeling like this, its as though there are lead weights attached to my arms and legs and that my head is full of cobwebs making everything fuzzy.


I had work at 5pm, an abosolute nightmare. I am a student nurse and work part time on a cashier in a small supermarket. I am always stuck standing on a til from when i start at 5pm until i finish at 10pm and i find it so hard. If i didnt need the money so much i would leave. As it is i get home with my joints hurting so much from being in the same position for hours, that even if i am able to sleep the pain will wake me. Though nine times out of ten my brain decides to become alert about an hour after being home and cant sleep for hours anyway despite being exhausted and knowing i have an 8hour shift of standing on the tills again tomorrow.


Argh why cant i just feel normal again


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