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I guess I'm not as lazy as I thought!



I just got this spark of energy and need to do something....but I'm in charge of the store for the moment so I can't go anywhere to do anything until my Mom gets back.


I had the last day Vacation Bible School this morning. Our church teamed up with the Mingo Bible Church to improve the outcome and cut down on the expenses. The first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) were in Mingo. I don't know what happened there because I didn't help over there. Yesterday and today's lessons were at our church. I help one of the women in our church with 17 first and second graders. Ha...that was a chore for me! They were out of control yesterday (mostly it was just 3 of the boys though) but today Pastor Tim stayed with our class to keep them in control. The theme of this year's VBS was "Rescue Zone". We learned how God can rescue us in our time of need (ha...I've had a first hand experience with that in the past few months!) and also how humans can rescue us. Yesterday we learned about the EMT's and got to tour the ambulance. Today we learned abou Firefighters and were able to tour the fire trucks. All in all, the whole VBS thing wasn't too bad, but I'd rather have helped with the preschoolers or the older grades. I enjoyed most of it though.


Later tonight, I'm going to Audra's house to hang out with Audra, Grace, Maddison (Maddy), Gunner, and Curtis. Audra and Grace are two of my best friends, Maddison is a year younger than us and I only kind of know her. I really don't know Gunner or Curtis at all. Audra used to "date" Gunner, but now are just friends.I really don't know how they (Audra and Grace) started hanging out with Curtis, but one thing I do know about Audra and Grace is that they like to hang out with older guys. I normally don't hang out with guys at all because most of the guys I know are very annoying or very rude. Anyways, we're going to eat pizza and watch Lil' Abner. Lil' Abner is the musical that the High School is going to perform this year. I'm not sure if I'm going to try out or anything, but hey, it's a time to hang out with my friends: ).


I'm starting to get very anxious about going to Los Angeles. I truly don't want to go. But I guess I have to, my mom's already spent quite a bit of money for me to go so I guess that I have to.


Well I'm going to go home, Mom's back so I guess that I'll post later (I don't exactly know when later is though!)





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