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My my my! It's been a VERY long time!



Hello everyone!

I can't believe it's been so long. So much has happened. I figured I'd post today since I called in to work due to extreme weakness in my arms and legs. Yesterday I had a VERY difficult time just driving. It's raining and I am just vegging. OK here it goes.


I saw Dr. Ludlam in Seattle the week following Easter. I had some highs out there but he wants more and higher. Dr. L. thought that although I am only 168 lbs ( I am 5'1"), my body is definitely not proportional. He said that I've got the hump, supraclavical fat pads, very large stomach, very thin arms and legs, and muscle weakness. Not to mention all my medical problems. He felt that Cyclical cushings is something to go after. I've tested since I've been back and although I had two, some-what high results, he wants me to be more specific about when I test. He also wants me at some point to go out and have the Human growth hormone stim test. But he said lets not make plans yet. Just keep testing....


As for family: My baby, Nick is graduating from high school at the end of the month. :( I can't believe it! Where did the time go? My sister had a very close call with cervical cancer, but her last procedure showed no more signs of cancer. Thank you Jesus!!! My daughter is back from college. For all of you college mom and dad's they are on a different time schedule than us...My brother and his wife from San Jose were just here looking at houses and they found one and bought it!!!!! YAY! We can't wait to have them back here! Well, I've got to go. Since summer vacation is almost upon us, yes, that is a benefit of working in a school, maybe I can be more dilligent in blogging. :(


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