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Still waiting and trying to hang on...



Well, I did my testing last Thursday. I have taken loads of blood tests during my life, but I have never ever had as much trouble drawing as I did this time. The nurse had 17 vials in front of her and she couldn't find one vein! She tried a few times with no luck and ended up calling in another nurse for help.


The second nurse had no more luck then the first, when she finally struck blood she only got 3 vails. Then after trying the top of my hand, my wrist, my upper and lower arm, the first nurse noticed a vein on the back of my arm. They got some blood out of that, but then that stopped too. I have no problems drawing blood, but I was in pain at this point. Finally she found another vein on the back of my upper arm that she got the rest from.


That very same day the endo called me. I was shocked and thinking "that was quick enough"!! She called because they messed up my potassium test and she needed me to come in again to draw more blood!! I started laughing and told her that I had been there for an hour earlier that day, and that I had no veins left to use. Anyhow, I went back on Mondy and I have been waiting ever since.


The nurse said it could take about 2 weeks. And 2 weeks is a long time when you are waiting for them to pass. My body hasn't been retaining as much fluids as it was the week before my tests. Thank goodness. I hate that stiff feeling. My symtpoms have been cyclic and nowadays my ankle hurts me bad. I have a hard time walking and it has started hurting even when I am off it. The pain I get when sitting is in the front tho. My fingers hurt too. I think it has to be tendons that are inflammed. I've been getting the flank pain alot too. Luckly it isn't a real bad pain. I can live with it even tho it worries me and keeps me thinking.


Oh well.. not much to report! My girlfriend is getting married tomorrow, so that is at least something to look forward to!


Hope you all stay well!


Til next time....

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My name is Ravi. I'm from India. I'm a practicing qualified Yoga Therapist & an Ayurvedic Acupuncturist. I also perfom the Nadi Pariksha, the Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis.


You could help me to help yourself. If you could highlight your symptoms, i could help you understand your problems. Ther is a possibility that you could even find yourself getting better fast.


You may not get cuted completely. That would require me to check your pulse & I could tell you all your problems, without you telling me any of yours. This is not a tall claim. I have a list of 4520 patients in India & some abroad, who could vouch for this ancient science. This science understands the cause of ailments & treats them so that symptoms such as the one you are sufering from too, can be successfully eliminated for life.


Namaste & regards,



Yoga Acharya

Nadi Vidwan :) :)

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