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Hello Again




I feel anxious lately I was looking over some previous blood tests and found that I had an elevated level of LH but my FSH didn't seem high. I am wondering if I have pcos or if it is cushing's syndrome or Cushing's disease. I just have no Idea. Bye for now

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Trust me be persintant because it will pay off. You are the one who knows if something is not right and I know it is hard to go through so many tests with no diagnosis, but there will be that one test that will give you what you've been waiting to hear. That is what it took for me to get diagnosed with Cushings and it felt so great. Just over whelming relief to know it wasn't just in my mind and that there really was something wrong with me. Get a doctor who will listen to you and who will follow through and follow up with you. Keep us updated with how it is going.

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