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July 12, 2007- So much for promises...



Hi everyone!


It's a beautiful day here in Schodack NY! Sunny and not humid.


Let's see...Our son graduated from HS on Saturday June 23. Unfortunately I had 'something', not sure if it was a stomach flu or just an EXTREME low. The afternoon of the ceremony I had a temp of 104*. Thank GOD, Nick was in the front, so I was able to see him walk across the stage. Our daughter then drove me home and they went out for dinner with my husbands mom, sister and boy friend as well as my parents. I cried the whole day. I felt as though I was such a wus and suckie mother. Who could do something like that to her son? Yes, I realize that if I wasn't sick, I mean VERY sick, I would have been there. At least I didn't screw up his party the following week. Thank God for sisters. If it wasn't for my sister the house would not have looked as good and not as much would have been done.


Both our son and daughter ended up with very bad eye infections. Who knows where that came from. Both are doing alright. My son is still wearing glasses, his one eye is still blurry. We're seeing the Optometrist today. Our daughter (got it from our son) is doing much better, but her eye is still blurry too. My Godmother/Aunt was VERY sick, and being that she only has one kidney and they said it was triggered by a kidney infection. We were EXTREMELY worried. After 5 weeks she finally saw a Urologist who decided that the antibiotic that she was on would never get rid of the bacteria, because the bacteria was resistant to it. He changed it and as of yesterday, day 2, she was feeling the best she had in 5 weeks!!!! I wish that I could predict when I would have my good days. It's been three weeks since Summer vacation began and I haven't the strength or energy to do anything.


This weekend, we're going to Northeastern University for student/parent orientation! This is my 1st time seeing the campus. My son seems to be psyched about moving in 8/30.


This will be it for now!


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