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Testing, testing 123...



Hi everyone!


It is nice and sunny today, as opposed to the rain yesterday.


Let's see, it's been interesting around here lately. My Aunt is still battling, whatever? She's finally off Antibiotics, and only on pain meds for her flank pain. The specialist (urologist)said she is completely clear of ANY kidney infection or obstruction. My aunt has only ONE kidney. She went into Albany Medical Center (a teaching hospital) yesterday a.m. THANK GOD! Maybe they'll finally find out what is wrong with her. AMC is the next best thing to NY or Boston hospitals. It's been 7 weeks since she became so ill. Yes, 7 WEEKS! Today it looks like they're checking for a 'cyst' on her adrenal gland. Hey, it's a start.


I had my consultation with Dr. Ludlam on Wednesday night, the 18th. The gist of the conversation was, my past 4 tests were low, not diagnostic. After comparing results with symptoms experienced while testing, Dr. L said that it SEEMS as though I am testing at the right time, but I may be someone who's Cortisol is highest, when feeling the most nauseous, weak, etc. So that is our strategy. He's sending a Rx for 8 tests (24 UFC's, Cortisol & ACTH bloods, Salivettes). He said to test randomly, either every Sunday, or any two days a week, or every day. It is up to me. I mentioned to Dr. L that he had spoken in the past about a Growth Hormone Stim test, and he said that I am welcome to come out there (since I don't have any confidence in this local endo group) and while I was there, they'd run the other tests like when I went to Camp Cushie the 1st time. My husband and I are hashing that out. I just feel as though I am getting sicker and sicker. Since School has let out, almost 1 month ago, I've done almost nothing except my son's grad party, which took over a week to recover from and also went to Northeastern University for my son's and parent orientation. Walking around campus was not pretty. It was to the point that just holding a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee was too difficult for me to do.

Anyhow, I am going to try this strategy and after posting, I see that there are quite a few Cushies that do get high results while feeling like I do. Here's hoping!


Anyone reading this, could you please say a prayer or two for my aunt, that these docs will find out what is wrong with her, BEFORE it's too late. Thanks a bunch!


Hugs to all,



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