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When Will I Have An Appointment?



Well today OHSU is suppose to call me to make the arrangements for me to start seeing them. I'm so excited after all of this time I'm actually getting somewhere with this whole disease. I hope they call before I fall asleep because once I'm asleep, I'm asleep.


Insomnia still isn't very much fun though. But I think I've learned to accept it. Now it's just sort of coming natural to me staying up all night long and then going to bed during the day. I'd still rather it be the other way around, but I'd rather not be sick too. I've gotten nine fuzzy posters done already and am almost finished with my tenth. They look great and I'll always have them as my memories of this disease.


I just never thought I'd spend my time as an 18 year old coloring fuzzy posters and giant Disney Princess pictures. But then again I never in a million years thought I'd get a disease this rare. Sometimes I think I'd rather just accept that fact of obesity rather than it be something so serious.


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