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Took me a while...



Well.. I haven't been up to posting. My endo winded up diagnosing me with PCOS. She only did one cortisol test and that was morning cortisol, and that came back on the low end of normal as it always does.


Anyhow she said my free testesterone was elevated and that combined with my symptoms were enough for her to diagnose me with PCOS. My gut is telling me this is NOT PCOS. I know I have some of the symtpoms, but my gut won't let go of the Cushings. I know I need to be tested before I can.


I did find a great pdf about testing for Cushings that is in norwegian, and is written by specialists. I am going to bring it with me when I see the endo again at the end of this month. She decided to treat my BP, so I am lucky enough to have another appointment with her.


I feel like shit at the moment. I wake up with no pain what so ever, but as soon as I sit up in bed, I feel that my body must have been pulling a joke on me. As soon as I plant my feet on the floor I know that it is going to hurt to put pressure on them. And so it does.


I don't feel bad at all walking up the stairs or while I make myself a quick breakfast and have a cup of coffee, but as soon as I am done, the muscle pain in my thighs, calves and arms hit me. I know that the next time I try walking up those stairs, I will have a hard time. I will feel like there is no energy left in me to pull myself up. I know that those muscles are going to ache all day long, and when I hang up the laundry that I have to do, I will feel like I just finished an hours work-out.


I know that about an hour or two after breakfast I'll have to sleep. I won't be able to sit straight, because I will feel like I've been drugged. I will hardly know how to get myself out of the chair and into bed. I'll fall asleep right away and I'll sleep for a good 3 hours. When I wake up, my eyes will burn and I will feel awful.


Later on in the day I will have shooting pains that travel thru my body. My bones and joints will ache. And alot of the time I have to watch out when I walk, since my ankles will give away under me. The pain feels just like a sprained ankle only mine isn't. My fingers will hurt and so will my toes. My right hand will feel swollen and both my legs will be swollen.


I'll go to bed at 3 am and sleep until 7 or 8. I will wake up and it will start all over again... unless my cycle decides to change! I am hoping it does soon....


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Hi I am new here and I know the frustration of so many tests and never hearing anything. All I can say is that you haveto find teh right doctor. Trust me that took me so long to do. I was even seeing one doctor who told me basically that it was all in my head and that I needed to go on a more extreme diet and try exercising more. I was exercising at least 5 hours a day trying to loose weight. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. I will pray that you find your answer soon. Try not to loose hope

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