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Feeling pretty good....



Well, things have been quite good. I don't know if my new puppy has anything to do with it, but she sure does bring som brightness into this dark life of mine. She is a reason to get outside, even if it's only for a short time.


I haven't been having the joint pains since I last posted and that alone feels great. I have had energy to do a bit and have tried not to overdo it like I usually do, when I get this way. It's so easy to fool yourself into beliving that you can do everything you used to do, just because you feel good. Anyhow I think I finally started to understand that I need to enjoy these periods instead of using all my energy on housework. I think this part of my cycle is the part that gives me the strength to get thru the next cycle. Anyhow, I am enjoying the fact that my acne has decided to leave me alone for a while. Not having 8 pimples on my face feels good. I only have 1 2 at the moment and it feels like heaven.


My mood has been quite good too. No big swings, but my period is due soon, so I am just waiting for those to break loose.


See my endo on August 31st, and looking forward to that. I feel like things are just standing still. I have been on sick leave for a year now! I miss work, but most of all I miss being social. I have always been a social person, but nowadays I prefer to stay home for so many reasons. Thats why I am so glad to have the puppy. She makes me get outside a few short times a day.


I guess I don't have anything important to say, so I'll just call it a night....


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