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The Worse Cushings Day Yet



Yesterday was probably the worse Cushing's day I've ever experienced so far. It all started out with sleeping a lot. I pretty much spent the entire day asleep.


Once I finally woke up I woke up with a terrible headache (scale 1 to 10 - probably a 9). And my entire body was so sore, I was literally unable to get out of bed. I tried unrepeatable to watch a movie but feel asleep each time. It was just a horrible day in general.


It was so bad that my dad even brought me home dinner and brought it in my room for me because I was just unable to move about like usual. I'm not sure why I felt so bad today but it just wasn't fun at all.


The muscle soreness and I guess overall soreness was so bad to where I wasn't even able to sit down for an entire cigarette with out feeling pain from sitting up. I didn't even spend that much time on this thing which is very unusual since this is where I spend the majority of my time.


I didn't even have the energy to talk on the phone with my mom, which is yet another unusual thing since usually I spend on average a good four to five hours on the phone with her a day.


I really need to take a shower but I'm still a little sore and it hurts to just raise my arms for the most part, it's amazing that I'm even able to type (which I'm doing so very slowly). I hate it when I know I want to take a shower but I just don't have any energy to do so.


I'm hoping that tomorrow will go better because I truly hate getting stuck in bed all day long. It just doesn't work out for me.


My concentration is also really low for some reason. I keep trying to watch Deju Vu or whatever with Denzel Washington but I just can't seem to grasp the concept of the movie at all. It seems to confuse me more and more each time I watch it. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to sit and watch it and hopefully comprehend the movie in general.


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