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First Journal Entry

Tara Lou


Ok so my doctor wanted me to keep track of my day to day progress.


So I thought I would start with how I felt last night. I was having some really bad leg cramps and a fever, I am not quite sure if it is from the lower dose of steriods, but I started my period last night and I always get pain in my legs and calfs when I menstrate. I was really happy it was on time this month since I had my baby I have been pretty regular I was a week late last month but I cycled 28 days later with last night being the first night. So this is a good sign that my menses are normalizing.


I havent done much housework today I hope that my husband doesnt get to mad, but I have been swollen everywhere and in quite a bit of pain in my legs and calfs again. I am down to 10MG steriods I have been sweeting like crazy and feel a little crampy in my tummy. I think I will take some tramadol, shower and go to bed early. I wish I could taper off the steriods sooner but I guess I will have to wait for another 10 days or so. I havent had much of an appetite but I think I will try and eat something for dinner. I have just been so swollen in my neck area. Between the moon face and buffalo hump I feel a lot of strain in my spine and neck and I feel so constricted. My Hands and feet are huge I had to take my watch up a notch. The Endo just increased my synthroid dose from 125 to 175. I hope it kicks in soon!


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