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Surgery Date Set



Earlier this week I went to the doctors again. And I can honestly say that I actually left the doctors office with a smile. I had to meet with both Dr. Fleseriu and then the surgeon.


First I met with Dr. Fleseriu. She informed me that I have Full-Blown Cushing's. Whatever that means I'm not quite sure. She wouldn't give me a script for sleep because she doesn't want me to be on very many medications prior to surgery. She also told me that I will HATE her after surgery along with the rest of the staff. And that I might even REGRET even having the surgery afterwards. I guess because of the withdraws that I will experience from not having so much cortisol. But living with Cushing's isn't something that I can do. She also said that within a couple of weeks after surgery I'd start to lose weight and the swelling in my face will go down.


Then I met with Dr. Delashaw's assistant. He was really nice and actually quite comical. He pretty much went over the risks, the surgery, blah, blah.... I had to sign some paper saying that I'm aware of the risks and that I give the OK for medical students to observe. Like I'm gonna care who watches the procedure, I'll be knocked out.


Finally I met with the surgeon Dr. Delashaw. He seems like a nice guy. He even sorta sounds like a down-to-earth type of guy. I don't know what exactly I was expecting, maybe a serious old dude or something. But the first thing that he started to talk about was whether or not I was aware that Michigan lost to Oregon in football. I told him that I don't watch football anymore or really any sports for that matter. Then he just told me that they'd be going in through the left nostril to remove the tumor.


My dad was tempted to keep the surgery date a secret for the rest of the day because the lady came in with a set of instructions and asked who to give them to and he stuck his hand out, so she gave them to him. And he wouldn't tell me when I was gonna have surgery but then gave in once we were in the parking garage.


Dr. Fleseriu said that I HAVE to quit smoking. I really don't take orders very well but I HAVE to quit. Only because of the hormone replacement drugs and the fact that smoking alone increases your risk for stroke and heart attacks or something and having Cushing's alone puts me at a high risk for both. Which I already figured that I'd HAVE to quit before surgery but wow, it's gonna be difficult. I'm sort bummed since just last weekend I bought a carton and have like eight packs left. What a waste of money. If I'd known that I'd HAVE to quit smoking I would have just bought me a new hobby or something to do while I enjoy insomnia.


My mom, grandma, Aaron, & my dad from Harrison are going to be leaving Michigan on the 6th of October to come out here. Which means that they will be here on or around the 8th. So we'll be able to spend some time together before surgery. And my mom said that they will be staying for the surgery and then a few days after I get out of the hospital but if the withdraws are really bad then she'll stay longer to help take care of me. I'm trying to stay positive about the whole idea of recovery and hopeing that it won't be too bad. Maybe I'll start to watch THE SECRET and SECRETIZE myself into a quick and painless recovery.


Although Dr. Fleseriu did say that recovery is a long process. But I guess in the end it'll be worth it. Because eventually I'll be CUSHING'S-FREE. And I cannot wait for that day to come.


I'm really looking forward to surgery but at the same time a little scared. But who wouldn't be? I mean it's BRAIN SURGERY. I mean for real I just got use to the whole idea of getting blood-work done and now I have to have BRAIN SURGERY.


I don't know what I'm gonna do about college now. I think my first class starts on like the 5th of October. My advisor or whatever is suppose to call me on Monday morning so that I can tell him the surgery date and we can work out some sort of plan.


Well that's enough for now I guess. Only 25 DAYS until GOOD-BYE CUSHING'S!!!


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