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Ups and downs



I've been getting very tired alot lately - the weight is still creeping up and its quite worrying. I am past my maximum ever weight. I start a diet and exercise class tomorrow - bought myself some new trainers at the weekend in preparation. I desperately want the appointment on Thursday to be positive - no sign of a Cushings return, but I am not holding my breath as I do believe it is back. It makes me incredibly sad. I just so wat a normal life again - I had it for a brief time recently and it felt wonderful. I can't complain because at least I am up doing things, still active, working and able to move around - it is nowhere near how bad I was so I know if it is back it is mild but I worry about what my options will be as there is no sign of tumour regrowth and that scares me if they turn around and are so flummaxed that they just don;t know what to do with me - but test, test, test and then prolong there diagnosis and or way forward - I am just so tired and just so desperately just want to get on and live my life.


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