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Saw the Endo in the office for the first time yesterday



I saw my Endo for the first time in the hospital (thats one way to see them sooner, but I would not reccomend it) and yesterday I got to see the Endo for the first time in his office, and once again I almost burst into tears. It was probably one of the most positive if not THE most positive experiences I have ever had in a Dr's office.


Not once did he call me crazy... not once did he say I was just fat and anxious... hypochindriac was never even hinted at... nope. What he did say was "there is something wrong with you and we are going to find out what it is and we are going to fix it". I could have kissed his feet.


BTW... you can go to poetry.com and look at some of my poems there... just so an author search for Penny Rorrer.


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