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Still waiting and still believing



I know that with me that there is a fighing soul that won't let me quit. God is on my side and he will direct me to the right Doctors and he will show them what to do. If I wrote a testimony you would see how far I have came.

Life sometimes is what you make it. We have the freedom of making choices with our life. There are many valleys and a lots of hills but I grow everyday. As God has told me he is not finished with me. I now see this. There is a lots that has to be done before I go.

I really think that as the human part of me I was not suppose to be here. In fact I have had a couple of Doctors say this. They cannot explain my blood mess up but God has it under control.

Personal life with husband and son is very stable but my family and inlaws have nothing to do with us. We are not rich enough or live on the right side of town. I am also an embaraement to my sister as she only see me as a fat person with a little house. It is sad but God knows why.


If anyone reads this then you see sometimes you have to let things out of your system and really look at who you are. I am fine and God is with me.


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