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had some testing



I participated in the research today and had some type of iv dexamethasone test over a period of 5 hours. I go back tomorrow for a final blood. I will only be contacted if the tests are abnormal as it wasn't a consultation just me helping with research. The other endos don't think I have cushings despite abnormal abnormal cortisol tests and unfortunately this latest bunch seem to have taken this onboard, obviously I still think I do but sure it could be 'just' pcos. Hopefully if these tests are abnormal they will actually let me know as a courtesy.


In the meantime I made a decision that if I do not receive any information suggesting I may be able to support a cushings diagnosis then I am going to have some kind of lapband surgery or maybe the new surgery during which a ball is inflated in ones stomach. Surgery is a last resort and I have reached that point. Today I had to be weighed and I am 130 kg - what a shock. My weight is rising exponentially. I think when I started posting in 2003 I was about 110 kg and thought that was a crisis. So either way something has to be done.


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