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My first Endo Appt



:crazyeyes: Yesterday I went on the 5 hour trip to Chicago. Dr Weiss seems to think there is a strong possibility that I have cushings. He took 13 tubes of blood to run some test and sent me home with 2 urine containers to do a 48 hour urine and he also sent me home with 2 Salivary containers to collect saliva in on midnight on Sunday. Dr weiss also took the time to hear me out. This dr looked at my horrible purple marks and said that they were straie and not from past pregnancies. He also noticed my swollen face and neck and that I have put on a lot of weight quickly. This Dr. gives me hope of having some real answers. Sorry to say I had a long trip home due to my blood pressure being high and feeling really naseauted all the way home. So now I will do the test that need to be done and wait for some answers. Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend. :dunce:


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