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The "Pretendo" Endo...






This was me at the end of my appt. with the "Pre-tendo" Endo. Good Ole' Dr. Ellison....Graduate of UCLA School Of Medicine...What a SCHMUCK! So..why was I flaming mad? Because even after the good ole' Doc. took a looky-look at my first round of labs, he had the BALLS to ask me "Exactly how long have you been an alcoholic?"


Excuse me???? Come Again???? MOI??? A Lush? I don't think so....Well, Dr. Ellison.....I don't drink.......and by the way, I have a wine intollorance. Dr. Ellison then preceeded to ask me... "But, are you SURE you don't drink?"


Well....I'm sure that if you know me at all, you'll know that I can be the BIGGEST SMART ASS on the planet....My Reply to the good Ole' Doc?....."Are you sure you're a doctor????" He didn't like that answer at all....and he reluctantly agreed to have me do another round of the same tests I had already done, except that this time I was to do the Dexamethasone Suppression Test as well.


Ohhhh Goody for me....I get to pee in a jug for 24 hours again!!!hyper.gif


And I get to take a synthetic steroid and have my blood drawn again!!!artistic.gif


Well....that was 2 weeks ago.....and today I got my results back.apathetic.gif


My cortisol level was within "Normal" range.....


And my Dex. Suppression Test..... I had Suppressed.


So Doc. Ellison....What does this mean? His reply.... "There's nothing wrong with you....come back and see me in 4 months."




So....what do you think I did? I ranted and raved for a while..... Why? Because Doc. Ellison didn't remember that 90% of all Cushing's Patients are "CYCLIC" Patients, which means that we have periods of days where we have more cortisol in our system and there are days when we have hardly any.. He must of been ABSENT the day they taught that in MED SCHOOL. Dr. Ellison......You're Fired!


Then I scheduled an appt. with Dr. F.. The Leading Expert in Cushing's. I see a trip to SoCal in April.... My Quest Continues.


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