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An official hypochondriac



<_< My husband thinks I am a hypochondriac, his friends, some of my friends and a few of my doctors. The other day my husband, who was having lunch with a doctor friend, asked me to ask my psychologist about Muenchausen [sp] syndrome. :rolleyes:That must mean I am getting close to something. :P But fortunately I do have some friends that believe in me and my psychologist believes me too. Ironically I started seeing the psychologist to help me deal with my panic attacks. We don't really talk about my panic attacks anymore, as we have decided that they are definitely a symptom of some greater wrong in my body. I've contacted Dr. F's office several times, this week I tried to make an appointment but the 'appointment-maker' is on vacation until next week. I was advised that I probably won't get in until August, but I'm hoping that I can get in if there is a cancellation. I am lucky to live 50 miles from his office and can go anytime he can see me. I read so many stories of people traveling long distances to see him, I do feel blessed.I saw my endocrinologist today. He specializes in diabetes. I gave him all of my symptoms: the excessive sweating, night-time insomnia, bruising, headaches, PCOS, diabetes (a given), anxiety attacks, depression, inability to lose weight... he got fed up with me (I could tell) and said maybe I am taking too many pills. :rolleyes: I didn't push things with him, I was just testing the waters. I'm holding out hope for Dr. F to help me figure out what is so terribly wrong with me.


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Hi Lisa

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I don't know what all meds you are taking but a friend of mine is on several antidepressant, anxiety meds and they cause alot of symptoms since she started them...after having her doc check for diabetes & cushings that all tests were normal she decided to try to wean off all of the junk she's on. She takes alot more than just antidepressants. She was in the army and every ache pain or complaint she has the veteran docs just give her yet another pill to add to it. She has something like 15 different pills she takes and quite a few that are narcotics that they just keep refilling for her...it's no wonder she's a mess.

Are you taking something for the Diabetes? I am always quite surprised at how many of the symptoms we have are also that of Diabetes. Bruising, infections,malaise (sp) that overall feeling sick thing, nausea, headaches, kidney/bladder problems, liver problems...I could go on.

The night sweats and excessive sweating could be a hormonal thing or also could be a med or herbal type thing you are on. I don't sweat unless I take my xtreme lean stuff...I don't know if it's the ephedra or one of those other herbs in it but something makes me sweat like a pig. Maybe you can see if one of them is causing it.

Sorry wish I could help you out more, maybe Dr F can help you get straightened out, and feeling better!

Keep bloggin and letting us know how it goes k?

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I jusy weaned my youngest daughter a month ago in order to start the different medications that my doctors wanted me on.


The only thing I took while nursing was the Zoloft to help control my extreme anxiety attacks. I have been having them since I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. I started having the headaches when I was 14-15 weeks pregnant with her.


Since I weaned her my endocrinologist added Glucophage, an ACE inhibitor, and wanted me to switch to Effexor. My neuro gave me Proprananol to see if it would help with the headaches. A friend of ours (doctor) gave me Flexeril a few days ago to see if maybe the headaches are tension-related.


My sweating and headaches and etc. haven't changed since I started the new meds. The Effexor made me dog-tired, but I'm starting to adjust (it's been 4 weeks). The proprananol (sp) has me sweating a bit less at night (I think).

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Sounds like you should talk to Jackie. Sams mom. They accused her of munchousen! It's outrageous. Im so sorry youre being labeled as a hypchondriac it is so damaging to not be taken seriously. You'll find it don't give up!

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