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So Tired



Good Morning Everyone! It's officially 0100 and I cannot fall asleep for the third night in a row...wonderful!! I spoke with my Endo yesterday and he got the results back from both Imaging studies I had done only to have weird results once again. *Sigh* my Pit MRI It came back "Normal" however there was a comment on it by the radiologist that my Pituitary gland was asymmetrical (one side bigger than the other) I was told that it was most likely a normal birth defect. (Bummer #1) However...just like with all of the other test's just because they could not visualize the tumor on the MRI does not mean it's not there... I know this but I can't help feeling let down. Secondly the adrenal CT scan came back as well...tumor free..but there were enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen...kind of disconcerting... My doctor mentioned that I will have another CT Scan at the end of Feb to monitor progress of the lymph nodes... he mentioned it could just be a GI virus and it should go away... I have done my best not to go and start looking at what that could possibly mean. I Trust my Endo when he says not to worry but it like one more thing... I am tired of being sick period.

On the flip side however my salivary Cortisol test came back and it was 3.6... I think the high range was over .5 so finally a positive test without equivocal results! After so long I hate to get excited as silly as it sounds because it's still not enough. We shall see though.. the docs haven't given up on my just yet lol... I will be having a chest CT and an OctreaScan and possibly another MRI of my Pit. Thank God for Military Insurance...lol.. there is no way at 21 I could have ever afforded all of this medical testing... I don't know if you have ever felt this way... but right now is one of those times that I truly realize god's presence in my life. I know Three years ago when I was contemplating joining the Military I never thought to myself... "wow, I might be suffering from a Rare Endo Disorder 3 years from now I really need to be conserned with my health care options"...lol..NO... I thought to myself how the heck can I get out of my parent house as fast as I can...lol! I remember the night that I sat alone on my best friends back porch and I literally said out loud... GOD WHAT THE CRAP AM I SUPPOSE TO BE DOING HERE... Literally not kidding you 5 mins later I got a call from my recruiter saying they had a job for me. I am telling you God works in mysterious ways...

So here I am 0136 in the morning and I have to get up in 4 hours for work... that makes oh lets see...10 hours in three days... lol... I am waiting for my body to just freaking relax...hopefully getting some of this out of my head and into the blog will have the same effects of Dumbldore and his Pensive.....lol...wow....thats how you can tell I am super tired.... making Harry Potter jokes....nice Chelsea...lol..

I just want to thank all of the people out there on this website, It has been such a wonderful blessing to share your grief, anxiety's,elations etc. I know that I am not alone in such an isolating illness and for that I am truly grateful. I look forward to meeting some of you this weekend in Austin so until then god natt och Gud v?lsigna....Heido! :crazyeyes:


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