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It starts.....



I don't have time today to do an entire history but the short version is......


Went to work one day (I own a hair salon) and the girls were teasing me about being pregnant. I was going along with it because I did look pregnant. After a few days of looking (and feeling) this way, I took a home pregnancy test, took a pic of the negative results with my cell camera, and sent it to everyone so they would know for sure that i wasn't.


This was funny only because my husband has had a vasectomy.... :dunce:


Meanwhile, I continued a weight gain path that was no longer comical as I had to go shopping for new clothes (that I can't afford to do right now) because my old ones were no longer fitting.


I eat a pretty clean diet, I take pilates class 3 times a week. I walk 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week and my job keeps me active on my feet about 30 hours a week.


I went from a size 2 to a size 8+ in less than a year! Mainly gaining around the middle.


The headaches started a month ago.


Then, 2 weeks ago, I wake up looking like a completely different person. I have this oddly round face with heavy jaws and a thick neck. I am so unrecognizable..........people I am always in contact with, recognize me by voice only.


I called my doc and he told me I could take less neurontin. I was on 300mg 3x daily and went down to 2x. Soon, I dropped myself to 1x, then none at all thinking this would clear up the problem.


It didn't.


I also neglected to mention that I have recieved 2 epidural injections in the last month for thoracic pain. It completely stopped my pain for 3 weeks the first time and it has been 4 weeks since my last one and just now, I am starting to feel tingling again. (beginning of pain symptoms)


Last week I saw a doc for my headache (not my doc. It was his day off) I showed this doc my drivers license pic and he ordered regular cortisol blood test, pregnancy test (no duh...I just laughed in my head when I found out he was testing me for that :dunce: ) and thyroid. He said he thinks I might have sinusisits and we should do a scan.


The next day they put me in with my reg. doc and he ordered 8am dex test. That was Friday. Today is Monday and he called first thing to say my results were normal (0.2) and reluctantly ordered a 24 hour test.


This brings me pretty current. Now I have a headache, so I'm logging off.


Ciao! :crazyeyes:


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