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Hello Everybody



This is my first blog here. I usually post on myspace but I think this is a more appropriate place to post how I am feeling and what's going on with my doctors.


I didn't sleep again last night which is not unusual for me. I went to the neurologist and am up another three pounds since my primary weighed me last week. Today I go in for my first test for Cushing's and some fasting bloodwork. Since I usually only eat at night this was hard for me. I am really nauseous and can't wait for it to be over with. I know better than to think there will be any answers in there but hell, I can try.


The neurologist finally set me up with a speech therapist. Only took him seven months. I don't know what he thinks that will do since my speech symptoms change from bad to worse every day and I can't predict how I will be from one minute to the next. But hell, I'll see what they have to offer. At least now people are starting to take me seriously. I guess he had to see it for himself in order to believe what I was telling him. I think it helped showing him a picture of what I looked like before I got sick. Idk.


I go for a video EEG tomorrow. They still keep saying seizure disorder. I think they are full of it. I hope while I'm in there they will do more testing. I am too sick for this to be just a seizure disorder. And I've never weighed this much even when I was pregnant.


I am sorry if this is hard to follow as my thoughts are all over the place this morning.


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