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Finding a Doctor



Well I finally found a Doctor that thinks something is wrong with me beside being overwight. I had my first appointment on May 2, 2008 at MUSC with Dr. J. Fernandes. I found out about her from Dr. F"s website from Cal. He recommends her for people would cannot and does not have the opportunties to go to California.

I through at first my appointment was doomed, because we went out to the car that morning from the motel and our battery was dead. We found a person from motel and we jumped it off and then almost ran out of gas gettingg there. So you can see why I throught his was not going to be a good day. To my surprize it was a good day. I like the Dr., her staff and she took one look at me and told me you look cushie. She said she was going to get started on testing and she would get to the bottom of this. So my journey has began. Randy is going to go with me tomoorow and then Tuesday I will take 24 hour urine back to lab, after taking 1mg of Dex at 11pm on Monday night . Blood draw Tuesday at 9am. Also I will have a MRI of Pituitary gland at 10 am.

I am sure I will be adding a lots to my blog as time goes by.


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