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AnyBody OutThere Yet?



It me again I am still searching for that person who knows what i have been through. Being Inflickted with this sice I was 18 months old. Dealing with migraines, breast cancer, lung cancer, chest wall sarcoma, depression, mood swings , non existant sex drive wanting a baby and being told it's not likely to happen. and I'm only 38yrs old. been in more comas as a child can't even count them all kidney stones 3 times so far. Severe cellulitus, which turned into an addrenal crisis. thank you all for letting me vent for once again.. I live in NY and would love to chat with someone who lives here too.. thanks again kelly



kelly IS There Still AnyBody Out There

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I'm sorry to hear about your long history with this disease and side effects you have been suffering. I can't say that I can relate completely, but I have had similiar problems. The hardest part about it all for me is how secluded I feel all the time. I feel as if no one understands how this disease really can affect your health and personality for that matter.

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