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Okay. So i got a new cat so sue me! That makes two in two weeks <_< So I have Sabbatha, or Sabby I have had her what two years this October. She's cool a real 'cat's cat.' Loves me of course [who wouldn't right?] but loves cats more. So when my beloved Shelli died on 5-31, I HAD to get another cat she was THAT sad. And driving me bonkers!So I got Callie, who is one of my four babies mom and I raised from one day old. Callie ah she is high strung didn't like all the competition at mom's house with four other cats. So I took her in and she was so happy! Until...I started to feed a young stray. He just PLOPPED himself on my doorstep literally. They just know I'm a sap. So I fed him for a week. But he was so pathetic. I took him in the house erm yesterday afternoon. BUT he needed to be fixed and peed EVERYWHERE horrible stench oh lordy was it BAD. So I took him to the vet. He's about 8 months old. He got fixed and tested for feline lukemia [he's clean yay].So we had to rent a shampooer and do the whole place mom did at least. I helped in picking up and now washing ongoing oh boy. What a great mom!A bit beat up, and sooooooooooo stinky he's getting a rub down bath when he's on his feet. I locked him in my room to rest. He's AROUSED no kidding so he's a bit agitated still. Three cats. In a 2/1 apartment that doesnt allow any. Lol. Shit I'll never be able to leave :) I'll have to get a cat sitter... :rolleyes: Should I homeschool them? :) RE: Previous icky entry. It's better but I'm bushed from the day and really don't want to talk about it. Hmmm :P


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