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24hr urine 391



Hi everyone! I'm not sure if anyone will read this.. and seeing as howi am not exactly familiar with this website yet, i think this is the only way to post other than the guest question.. which i already did, and my introduction bio... so here goes...


Well a few months ago i finally broke down and got a doctors appointment. i had been reading up about elevated cortisol, not even cushing's but just high cortisol levels and i told my doctor i would like to be tested. My first two 8am blood tests came back high, one higher than the other. I believe it was at 32.5 and then 37... After the second test i asked for further testing and got a salivary and urinary free cortisol test, or 24 hour urine analysis... the following are my results.





8am: 2.27 ng/ml::::::1.0-8.0

1pm: 2.34 ng/ml ::::::0.4-2.5

5pm: 2.21 ng/ml:::::::0.2-1.3

9pm: 19.65 ng/ml:::::0.1-0.6


perhaps i recall some graphs incorrectly, but i remember seeing something about how cushings patients cortisol levels spike at night?? my results came back with a graph and were literally "off the charts". the graph didnt even account for a level of 19.65! has anyone ever experienced this??


now heres the really scary one...




normal: 0-50 ug/24hr

MINE: 391


ughhhhhh. hello? cushings? why wont they tell me i have it?? i have a ct scan scheduled for next wednesday... my back has been killing me for over a year and a half now, and i have the scary feeling there is something on my adrenal gland...


if anyone has everrr gotten results like this please let me know!! thank you!!!


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