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Hi Everyone,I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Kerri you might have heard about me from auntiem. Well, she is my Aunt. I am currently undergoing testing for cushings and I start my 24 hour urine test tomorrow morning then I have another one on Monday. I was wondering if anyone else has trouble walking. I am currently walking with a cane because my hips hurt me so bad. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!Kerri

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My son (20 years old) is doing his first 24 hour urine test tomorrow. I am very concerned as he has several symptons (evelated BP, inability to loose weight, thick in the middle, stretch marks...). I have never heard of Cushing's before - ya know the internet can help or hurt, I truthfully think I have read too much. I am thankful for his doctor, she seems to be on top of it at the moment, but what is next? 24 hr urine tomorrow, and 24 hour to check creatinine the next day. I didn't bother to look that one up, probably get more scary info. Sorry to ramble on. I am not even sure how to do this blog/live chat thing. Juletta

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