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hi everyone, so i am pretty sure i have cushings, the tests, diagnostically speaking are way above levels. tomorrow morning i have a ct scan of my adrenals, because my back has been hurting me for a year and a half, and i guess we are going to look there first...


i just have a question though. i see most people have missing or absent periods. i was wondering if any of you have ever experienced extremely heavy and long periods? i have most every symptom associated with cushings except high bp, and the period deal, i seem to be quite the opposite. i have been on birth control since i was 16, i am 20 now... and i am constantly getting my period early, even on this birth control which is supposed to seriously regulate things, and they often last a good 12 days or longer, my 'record' being 20 days.


please!! if any 'cushies' had the heavy period thing, please let me know!!! thank you!!

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I am not sure yet whether I have Cushing's or something else. I am still looking for answers. I did have heavy and extremely painful periods which eventually led up to a hysterectomy for adenomyosis.

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