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let's see how much I gain this week!



Date: July 21


I have been suffering from this for god knows how long. I have gainedd 70 pounds in about 3 years or less and I'm still gaining. My current weight is 199 lbs. The worst part of this experience is the psychological effect on me. Gaining weight like this and having no explanation.


I am currently on endocrinologist number 3. He is a pitutary specialist so I am hoping that he can help me, but honestly it is hard to be optimistic at this point. I've completed 3 24-hour urine tests. The first 2 were messed up by the lab (figures) and the 3rd one has come back normal. I have yet to see this endocrinologist again but I have an appointment with him to discuss the results in about a week and a day. I just don't think I'm normal. I have every single symptom of cushing's. How can it not be cushing's?


I just want to feel good again. I haven't felt that way in years. :spudnikheadstand:


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