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A new day



Well, I was up late last night talking to some awesome folks on this forum on chat.

I got up the nerve to call the doctor's office and ask for a new script for the ACTH test I lost, and requested a 24 hour urine for cortisol. But, they called back and only mentioned the blood test script being ordered so I gotta go pick it up today. I tried to be non-pushy but assertive. I just don't want to irritate anyone just starting out. My heart seemed to be racing last night quite a bit still, but it seems a little better today. I just got done eating a salad. Gonna work on eating healthier again, and sticking between 1800-2400 mgs of salt until I find out if I can go under. I cannot eat more than that though either it seems. At least I finally got some sleep today and didn't wake up till 1:30pm. That was a blessing in disguise.


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