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Ups and downs and all arounds



Well, I wouldn't want to exactly describe myself as moody as much as frustrated and exhausted from what seems to be my bp being up and my heart racing. I really need a bp cuff for home. Everyone here has been so helpful and accepting, even though I really have no idea what is wrong and I cannot say I have Cushing's or that I think I do. I wonder what is wrong, and it is a possibility along with God only knows. I am working very hard at watching my salt still, but it is so hard for me when I crave it some days more than others. We had roasted potatoes for dinner and a burger earlier. The burger was from McDonald's and that kills half the salt for the day at least. I am not so bloated today thank God, and I am having a nice big cup of sweet tea to hopefully take off the rest of the water I have on my legs. The last time I took a triamterine months ago, it

was so hard on me, that I couldn't stand or get dressed, so that one will be something I cannot do. Caffeine is hard on my heart, but tea within reason once in a great while helps with some of the swelling. I get it on and off in my hands and on my shins. I have had a problem with water retention since I was about 15 or so. Never really knew why.

I feel better than earlier, but so I have stayed hydrated and that seems to change easily. I have got to take care of some important paperwork tomorrow and I have not done it. I gotta call Blue Cross and see if they will still let me make a premium payment with my several month overdue balance...because I cannot pay it all and they will drop me eventually. Being broke sucks, but we can only do what we can do. Aside from that, on a positive note, I am going to try to make lemons from lemonade. The seitan last night was not too bad for a first try making it, and in the next week I might attempt homemade tofu. Maybe eventually I will attempt to make fake veggie cheese. That might be difficult. Not turning vegan any time soon, but I am trying to be creative and add healthy things in to our diet here at home. At least hubby is pretty flexible with stuff like that. He loved the seitan I cooked, and I think he liked the texture more than I did! Well, I am gonna attempt at putting some pictures of me up even though I am scared because of my weight.


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