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Thank God it is Friday. I can at least be thankful for that. I called this endo I am supposed to see and scheduled a tentative appointment for Sept. 2, or third...I gotta call back and find out which day since I forgot to write it down...at 10:30 am. I still have to figure out how I will get there, since I don't know if my mom is working that day. If my husband is still having his temp work, he will have to take off and they may not ask him back. I do not have a choice. I have got to get to the doctor. I called DHS today to get things taken care of and between their main office, and the local county where I live in now...neither one was any help. So, I put in another call to my old worker who has not transferred my case, and left a message...then wrote a stern letter of complaint/need of help and set in online through the website. WE shall see if that does a heap of good lol. This may sound negative, but I got a few calls made today and at least finally got a little more rest. I am going to try to enjoy my weekend, and do whatever I can to keep busy. Hopefully, I can see my mom and dad this weekend, and hubby and I can spend some quality time together. We gotta do our normal weekly cleaning routine too. Nothing much more than that...


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