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Nothing Is Ever Good Enough



Nothing is ever good enough

Everything seems so strange

My sight, my taste, and sense of smell are off

My hearing is either too acute or somewhat strained


My head it keeps on pounding

Like a bullseye between the eyes

Sometimes my heart does not beat quite right

And there is nothing "Right" about my size


When I awake, I am so parched and sick

Only cold drinks at this time will suit my thirst

When I try to sleep, I feel to restless

If I don't run to "John" I might burst.


My head it sometimes seems to be spinning

Or the room is spinning too

When nothing is ever good enough

What good can I do?


I have to make sure I eat the right amount of salt, or

I get weak and worse off than before

Then sometimes I end up overdoing it

And cannot get up off the floor.


When I have too much, it makes my BP go up

Whatever I drink I seem to lose

So dehydrated sometimes I cannot cry a tear


I hate to wear most shoes.


Nothing is ever good enough

I am driving myself insane

Nothing is every good enough

I need some help for my burdened brain


I guess I have no choice but to survive

But I cannot help but feel somewhat sad

Because when things were always good enough

Twas the best life I ever had.


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