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In retrospect



I am trying hard not to think about this one nurse at the ER the other night, but I gotta write it down. Now I do not know if I have Cushings...and I always say this. I know something is not right and it cannot only be explained by PCOS because that would not cause me to have muscle weakness, twitching, and electrolyte problems.

I believe something is wrong with my adrenal glands just because of how many things I was wasting when they did this one 24 hour urine test months ago, despite having normal blood electrolyte levels. When I mentioned that my doctor was concerned because of the normetanephrine levels, and I was in the ER for a racing heart, pounding head, and high blood pressure...and flank pain of unknown origin which never is resolved. It is not a muscle pull...and what do they expect to see on my kidneys with an x ray!

Anyways, I casually mentioned to this nurse that my doctor was concerned about cushings or maybe a tumor because...and she cut me off saying "Honey I hate to disappoint you but there is no way you have Cushings, or something like that.."

What is wrong with these people? First of all, I do not need a reason for why I am fat and am not looking for one. That is the impression I get. If I am heavy by my own doing, I am more than willing to accept that...but I am eating healthier than I ever have been! I had lost weight on metformin, then all of a sudden 60 lbs came back in over 6 months or less and still is creeping up despite increased activity and watching what I eat. There were other things the nurse said and did that really made her look like a show off and not a nurse. I will say that most nurses are not like this and they have always been helpful, intelligent, and modest. This tiny little speedy gonzales can take her opinions somewhere else. I didn't need her bull on top of my bp being high. In retrospect, I cannot believe the audacity of how at a simple mention of this disorder, someone could act so immaturely. I feel sorry for the people here dealing with this on a chronic basis. I have too many other fish too fry. God keep me strong willing...


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