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Wednesday Wednesday



Yawn...I need some more sleep. Slept 3 hours, got up and made hubby lunch and cleaned up a few dishes. Was feelin not too badly last night so I got some cooking done and made chicken to bring to mom's today. I just have to cook the veggies and the rice. I made low sodium tacos yesteday and used made soup with the meat juice with veggies and some salt. I didn't keep it too low, but it is much better than store bought. Had a good bowl of that soup just now with some added nutritional yeast and some toastettes (like bagel chips). I am trying to eat healthy as possible and fill up on things like soup. I had a a nectarine too. I am afraid I will never lose weight, and being weak and tired does not help. But, I am not doing too badly and am glad for the respite of not having a funny heartbeat all the time, but I still am having episodes of this despite the new medicine. I wish I could get my doctor to run a holter monitor for 24 hours. I just have no way to get down there right now. Maybe I will take a cab and go see him in a few days.

Might be my best bet.


Yawn...back to bed in a few...


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