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Ramblings on the day



I slept 6 hours almost straight last into the morning except for having to get up once. I also was so tired today, that later on I had to lay down. My heart felt funny, almost fluttering so I took some magnesium early afternoon, and some potassium just now. I am still getting weak and shakey and I think this is the problem, but I am going to try to treat myself since I have no guidelines, no diagnosis, and no one to really back me up except to just nod their heads (bobble bobble).


I went and tried to find out what people with magnesium deficiencies need to do to maintain decent levels of magnesium on a daily basis. I am going to start higher and break it up two to three times a day. I am not sure if that will work or not. I got too tired to keep trying to find information. I wanted to write more, but I am already whipped.


My husband and the other guys at his temp job were sent home at the end of the day with no work ticket for tomorrow. The boss took my husband aside and supposedly he would be the only temp worker called back, but I am not going to hold my breath with the state and the economy the way it is.


I am trying not to be upset. We already have had enough happen in the past 6 months to knock us down.



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