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Up again at 2:52 am




Here I am wide awake. I have a headache again and why could that be...perhaps because I have cut way down on the magnesium.


It keeps the headache and neckache in check. I slept a lot though the last few days because I think I am worn out.

I am up for now though and managed to finally get all the dishes washed and made supper last night. Hubby really liked it.

I will have to do a few more that we had from dinner. You would not think that something so simple could be such a pain. I want to see the doctor this week, but I do not know how I am going to get there. My mom can probably take me Friday to the Nephrologist, but I need to get into my PCP and we just don't have the money really. I hope the temp job hubby was at calls him back this week.

God, I can only pray. I want to feel better soon so I can do something with my life.



On a positive note, I am going to spend some time reading my Bible which I have not done in awhile.


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