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Thank God it is Friday...my hubby said that too this morning as he took off on the bike to go to work.


We both are just hoping to spend some time together, without excess baloney and exhaustion.


I am still trying to normalize my sleeping schedule. Got sick a bit yesterday afternoon with the room spinning and fatigue hitting me like a ton of bricks...even before I had to take some benadryl. Needless to say that messed me up still. I am going to try to sleep just a little while this morning and wait up till the evening. I have got to get this straightened out.


Made hubby breakfast to eat here, and lunch to take to work. I am going to try to start making sure I do this every day he goes to work...at least his lunch. Mom might come by today so I can give her a little money cuz she is broke broke broke. It is so hard the economy here in this state. I am trying to be positive and believe that her surgery this time will work for her infection. I am also working on being positive that this appointment next week will be productive, and I will get results. I am trying to keep the negative thoughts pushed away, and when they come I think them out or write them down. It is really all I can do for now...


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