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Blah Day



I have a sink full of dishes. I managed to sweep the floor today. But I have felt too weak and down to do much else. Scooped out the cat box and hubby dumped that out in the dumpster.


I have been feeling stranger by the minute lol. I dunno anymore how to describe how I feel, except it is hard sometimes. I am not terribly depressed today, just don't feel up to much. I have been a little lonely and wondering what has happened to a couple of my overseas pen pals from online.


My one friend/email pen pal is in the UAE and she is an intern at a hospital. She had bene going through some rough stuff lately and I am hoping she is ok. My other friend/email pen pal is going through a breakup and is going through too much as well.


I don't even know why I am babbling.


Aside from that, I am doing really well following my weight watchers points. I didn't get all of them in yesterday though, and we need more fruits in the house since we have run out.


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