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I should be excited its Friday...



...but for some reason, weekends seem so much harder to watch Grady then during the week. I think I was so used to having the weekend reprieve that by Saturday I am ready for Floyd to help. Now that he works 70 hours a week, I've got Grady 70+ hours a week. But golly I love that little guy. He's developing such a personality!


My headache is so bad today. Like, sick to my stomach bad. I started spotting on the 16th and then my full fledge period started on the 18th. I'm beginning to notice a cycle. My headaches disappeared around the 14th, but now they are back. I was feeling really fat and actually gained a few pounds around the 12th, and now I think I've lost a few pounds. My fingers are freezing right now as I type but I'm not as thirsty today as I usually am. I think this might be a low? Or maybe when I feel worse its because my body is upset with not at much cortisol?


Floyd brought home the 24 urine test and saliva test. I'm praying that I'm reading these signs correctly, and that maybe this is a low I am going through. As soon as I feel like crap again I might take the first saliva test. I get to do both tests twice so if I am way off with telling my high's and low's, I can do it the opposite times the next time. Please Lord help me with this, I am at such a loss...




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