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so tired of this



i have had cushings for 1 year and im so tired i have gained 35kg i am from australia and was diagnosed 3mths ago just had my last test of the sinus sampling and waiting on results next week.still trying to find tumour.have had all symtoms relating to this awful disease.my endo is the best.will post pics of b4 and after once surgery is booked.please anyone reply if going thru same pain as i am


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hi darl my symtoms are hair loss, no period for 9mths,insomnia. bufffolo hump, acne stretch marks big stomach facial hair blown up face lack of sex drive high blood pressure fatigue weekness of the bones.always red in face u name it i have still trying to spot the tumour i have anther test next thursday.will keep u posted i have gained alot of weight since my last endo visit 4 weeks ago 10kgs all up 40 kg. hope this has helped u take care

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i am now on ketokonozole tablets to stop the weight gain i have been on this for 2 and ahalf mnths i feel a little better as i have only lost 4 kgs i have an app with my endo on tues then 1 more mri scan and ct scan then no choice but to remove adrenal gland then it will officially be over thank god. As i have ran out of tests to actually find the tumour ansd i will let u know what happens. i really feel for u as this is a horrible sickness. as for pics i also am not able to upload aswell for some reason.

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