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Worst non-morning ever



Woke up, still wanted more sleep.

Typical? Quite.

Stretch a little bit, and BAM.

Leg cramp.

Get up fast, pain pain pain & more pain.

Finally it stops and I LIMP my way to the bathroom as quick as possible because while trying to stand on it to make the pain stop I happened to feel my nose and realize my nose piercing wasn't there.


REWIND: Last night I took out my regular nose piercing, a stud with a ball on the end and stuck a screw in it instead so it's easier to get in and out Monday when I have to put the retainer in it.


Back to the story.

I get another one and slid it in, luckily with little to no problem.


I'm still slightly calm at this point even though the nose stud I lost was a cute green gem one. And anyway, I go back to my room.


I'm about to lay down when once again, I just so happen to touch my face.


Top ball from my eyebrow ring that I've had in since sophmore year? GONE.


Oh great, my favorite and only black eyebrow barbell only has one black ball now.


So I once again go to the bathroom and I put a silver ball on it.


Now it looks ***ing retarded.


God, I hate my life.


I need to get to extreme body FX asap for those retainers & for a new black ball. :thankyou:




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