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Copied From Christy :)



So, I copied this from Christy's Blog. I hope she forgives me!Of course, I did replace with my answers, not hers :)Replace answers with your own :)A is for age- Over the Hill!B is for booze- Black (or white) Russian C is for Career or major- Let's see how does that go...taxi, chef, maid, doctor, teacher, musician, web designer, SURVIVOR!D is for dad's name- Daddy to me, Grandpa to my son, was Frank to othersE is for essential items to bring on a trip - computer and peripherals!F is for favorite album at the moment- Brian Wilson's SmileH is for hometown- Born in Lewiston, Me, raised in Connecticut and Massachusetts, lived in Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland...I is for instruments you play- piano, organ, violin, clarinet.J is for jam or jelly you like- pumpkin butter, lime curd (if that counts)K is for kid- only one. Son is an only child of an only child of an only childL is for living arrangement- buried in piles of musical instruments, papers and clothesM is for mom's name- Mom to me, Nana to my son, and Mary to everyone elseN is for the names of your friends- Alice, Sue, Chris, Mattilyn, everyone on the boards - too numerous to name!O is for overnight hospital stays- 2 nights when my son was born, although 1 I didn't sleep much!, one week at local hospital for testing, 6 weeks at NIH before Pituitary surgery; many weeks afterP is for phobia(s)- the obvious icky things slugs, snakes, bugs....and planesQ is for a quote you like- "To be alive, to be able to see, to walk,...it's all a miracle". Artur Rubinstein (1887-1982) Polish PianistR is for relationship that's lasted the longest- Tom and I will have been married 33 years in January, 2006S is for siblings- noneT is for tickets- Gonna see The Moody Blues on Saturday!!! WooHooU is for unique trait- love making online stuff do what I want it to.V is for Vegetable- Corn on the cob, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, salads, cukesW is for worst trait- too wimpyX is for x-rays you've had- CAT scans, x-rays, MRIs Most everything has been looked atY is for Yummies - Heath Bar Crunch ice cream, cherry pie, carrot cakeZ is for zodiac sign- Virgo :rolleyes:


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